Oil painting, watercolor, drawing.

Member of the International Association of Art. UNESCO, Association of Visual Artists, Masovian Branch (member of the board since January 2023).

My painting journey was quite long. For many years I focused on other areas. Ever since I started creating, it has been my passion and an integral part of my life.

Since 2017, I have been participating in painting classes in the “Light and Color” studio of Professor Apoloniusz Węgłowski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

I paint mainly in the style of realism, but I am also looking for my way in abstraction. In my opinion, there is no clear division between these types of creativity.

I am inspired by my immediate surroundings, family history and human emotions. I create a series of paintings that I continue in many ways. The materials I work with – linen canvases covered with egg primer and the highest quality paints – give the painting high durability.

I am guided by personal sensitivity. I am close to the idea of “tenderness” presented by Olga Tokarczuk in her Nobel speech.

How we think about the world and – perhaps more importantly – how we talk about it, is of great importance. Something that happens and is not told ceases to exist and dies.

I have never been particularly enthusiastic about the simple division into fiction and non-fiction  unless we consider it only declarative and discretionary. In a sea of many definitions of fiction, I like the one best, which is both the oldest and comes from Aristotle. Fiction is always some kind of truth.

I have to look at each thing and person closely, with the greatest seriousness, and embody them in me, personalize them.

This is what tenderness serves for me – because tenderness is the art of embodying, empathizing, and therefore constantly finding similarities.

Tenderness is the most modest type of love (…) It appears where we look carefully and focused into another being, into what is not “I”“.

Therefore, I approach painted objects with sensitivity. I give them my point of view, full of acceptance.

I took part in many group exhibitions, in Poland and abroad. I’ve had several solo exhibitions. Winner of distinctions and awards in national competitions. My works are in private collections in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Prizes and awards:

-Grand Prix of the national painting competition “Let’s paint your life” 2020 Lesznowola;

-a distinction in the national art competition “Woman – secrets of love” 2022 Raszyn.

– 2023 – Solo exhibition “They were” Powiśle Power Plant, Warsaw
– 2023 – Solo exhibition “Our Spring” Kafka Café – Warsaw
– 2023 – 8th International Quadro Art Biennial in Łódź /collective ZPAP
– 2023 – “Nature painted with a brush” – National Museum in Szreniawa / collective ZAP
– 2023 – Annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – Light and Color studio / group
– 2023 – Exhibition for the Centenary of Polish Emigration – Coueron – France/ZAP group, co-curator
– 2023 – “Freshly Painted” exhibition Fabryczka Wołomin/collective ZAP – curator
– 2023 – Exhibition “In ethnic colors” – National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw/collective ZAP
– 2023 – Exhibition in Chapelle sur Erdre, France/group ZAP
– 2023 – “The Nudes” exhibition, Galeria Nowa, Malbork
– 2022 – May. “Ça, c’est la Pologne!” Nantes. France. Collective exhibition.

– 2022 – “Converted World”, Powiśle Power Plant. Collective. Curator function and participation
– 2022 – “Painted with water”, Collective exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant.
– 2022 – March. Collective exhibition. GOK Lesznowola. “Female worldspaces”;
– 2022 – March. Woman – mystery of love “. Collective exhibition. CK. Raszyn;
– 2022 – February- March. Individual exhibition “Galeria Pasaż” Mysiadło;
– 2022 – February. “Far and Near”. Individual exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant.
– 2022 – February 10. Author’s evening. Powiśle Power Plant.
– 2022 – January. “Out of passion”. Collective exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant;
– 2021 – October “Thoughts and feelings”. Collective exhibition. Wilanów;
– 2021 – “The Woman”. Collective exhibition. Poznań;
– 2021 – “There we are”. Collective exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant;
– 2021 – August. Collective exhibition, post-plein-air exhibition – Góra Kalwaria;
– 2021 – July, August. “Big Dreams in Small Spaces” Wołomin. Collective exhibition;
– 2021 – June. ” She and he”. Collective exhibition. Poznań;
– 2021 – March “Female worldspaces”. Collective exhibition. GOK Lesznowola;
– 2021 – March- “Woman- Uncertainty and Hope”. Collective exhibition. CK Raszyn;