Oil painting, watercolor, drawing.

A member of ZAP since 2020.

Member of the International Association of Art / UNESCO.

From 2017, she participates in the classes of the Open Academy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. “Light and Color” studio of prof. Apoloniusz Węgłowski. She draws inspiration from the nature and emotions she experiences.

She took part in the plein-airs organized by ZAP and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Her works are in private collections in Europe and other continents.

Prizes and awards:

-Grand Prix of the national painting competition “Let’s paint your life” 2020 Lesznowola;

-a distinction in the national art competition “Woman – secrets of love” 2022 Raszyn.


– 2022- May. “Ça, c’est la Pologne!” Nantes. France. Collective exhibition.

– “Converted World” May 2022. Powiśle Power Plant. Collective. Curator function and participation;

– “Painted with water” March 2022. Collective exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant.

– 2022- March. Collective exhibition. GOK Lesznowola. “Female worldspaces”;

– 2022- March. Woman – mystery of love “. Collective exhibition. CK. Raszyn;

– 2022- February- March. Individual exhibition “Galeria Pasaż” Mysiadło;

– 2022 – February. “Far and Near”. Individual exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant.

– 2022- February 10. Author’s evening. Powiśle Power Plant.

– 2022- January. “Out of passion”. Collective exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant;

– 2021- October “Thoughts and feelings”. Collective exhibition. Wilanów;

– 2021- “The Woman”. Collective exhibition. Poznań;

– 2021- “There we are”. Collective exhibition. Powiśle Power Plant;

– 2021- August. Collective exhibition, post-plein-air exhibition – Góra Kalwaria;

– 2021- July, August. “Big Dreams in Small Spaces” Wołomin. Collective exhibition;

– 2021- June. ” She and he”. Collective exhibition. Poznań;

– 2021- March “Female worldspaces”. Collective exhibition. GOK Lesznowola;

– 2021- March- “Woman- Uncertainty and Hope”. Collective exhibition. CK Raszyn;