Bozena Ratynska

„I used to live in two worlds: world of everyday duties like school, home, office and world of art like something special, unusual, miracle.”

I  was born in Warsaw, graduated from ethnology at Warsaw University and Finances at SGH. I have been studying painting at open academy of Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw for 5 years. Currently I improve my painting in the studio “Light and color” of prof. Apoloniusz Weglowski. Painting was always my passion. I create energetic pictures full of lights and colors. I paint oils, acryl on canvas.

The second my passion is ceramic. I create potteries and sculptures. In fact I am also a painter in this field. Clay is another tool for color adventure.

I have been taking part in many exhibition for years (individuals and collective). My last 2 years exhibitions:

Individuals:  Gallery in Electrownia Powisle in Warsaw, Cultural Center in Izabelin, Gallery in Electrownia Powisle in Warsaw, Museum of Ethnology in Warsaw.

Collectives: Brussels – Galerie G3 Art Contemporain, Gallery Fabryczka in Wolomin (2x); Museum of Ethnology in Warsaw, Coueron -100th anniversary of Polish immigration in France (collective).

I am a member of:  Association of Visual Artists (ZAP), Warsaw Artist Association.