The artist was born in Otwock in 1978. She graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in 2003 with the title of master eng. Landscape Architecture. The artist has been practicing in the profession for 17 years, as she herself says: “My place is among the gardens, and my life is to create them“. 

Artistically – a student of MDK in Otwock but she was passionate about painting since early childhood. Pragmatism caused her to resign from the Academy of Fine Arts and choose a different field of study. Painting became only a hobby, a way of life, not a job. After studying and working as a Landscape Architect for many years, she decided to fulfill her dreams and start developing her passion. She returned to painting with watercolor painting. Her first works (mainly watercolors) could be admired at three exhibitions (2013-2015), two individual and one collective at the MDK in Otwock. The artist still felt the desire to improve her technique, even though her works were admired and sold. Therefore, she made a decision to participate  in a painting and drawing course at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Adults for Art program at the Open Academy (2018-2020). In the same time, she regularly attended in open lectures organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In June 2019, she participated in a painting workshop at the Open-Air House of the Academy of Fine Arts in Dłużew. During the classes of the Open Academy at the Academy of Fine Arts, she met wonderful people with the same passion. Together they formed the “Jak w Korecu Maku” Creative Group. In January 2020, their first collective exhibition took place at Plac Konstytucji in the “Warsaw Workshop”, where the painter presented her work. In October 2020, another exhibition was held, entitled “Relations” in the “Warsaw Workshop”. Eliza was there again. 

As Eliza was born, the painter was born with her. She wanted to paint, starting with drawing on the wall with a pen. She got her first dream easels made by dad the carpenter at the age of 7, it was he who showed her artistic possibilities, carvings in wood and then painting icons. In her artistic achievements, the painter used the technique of dry and greasy pastels, occasionally tempera. She painted with watercolors for many years and currently practices oil and acrylic painting. As for curiosities, the painter, apart from using traditional painting tools such as brushes and spatulas, loves to paint with her hands and dishwashing sponges. 
The colors of her paintings could have been compared to those of Van Gogh. Currently, the painter is going through a period of color change, which could be seen at her last exhibition “Ecosystem” at the ShakEning cafe in Warsaw or at the collective exhibition of Otwock artists at the Palace cafe in Otwock Wielki. The painter likes to paint in cycles. A series of exotic, energizing paintings with incredibly vivid and saturated colors is not only temporary delight, but perhaps they are a testimony to the birth of a new individual style of the painter. Her latest work on tropical themes inspired the painter to transfer her paintings to fabric. Idea of women’s and sports clothes collection has been created and it’s development continues. 

Her love to transfer the beauty of the world onto canvas is what she wants to share with others, so her additional activity is painting workshops for children, including disabled children. Her favorite student is Gabrysia Miszta, she is a wonderful girl with a great heart and paint talent. Art classes are a great joy and an amazing experience for both the student and the teacher. In 2018, the artist had a joint vernissage with her student Gabrysia, entitled “What is painting in my soul” at the Municipal Cultural Center in Ząbki. It was a great event for both the student and the teacher. 

Since November 24, 2020, a member of the Association of Artists and Designers 


List of exhibitions and achievements: 

2021- Distinction at the National Art Competition under the patronage of the head of the Raszyn commune, entitled “Woman, uncertainty, hope” 
2021- Joint exhibition “Woman, uncertainty, hope” at the Municipal Cultural Center in Raszyn 
2020 – Joint exhibition with the painting group Jak w Korcu Maku entitled “Relations” at the Warsaw Workshop 
2020 – Collective exhibition with a group of Otwock artists at the Department of the National Museum at the Bieliński Palace in Otwock Wielki 
2020 – Individual exhibition of the new series entitled “Ecosystem” “Dżunga” painted with acrylic technique at the Shakeing cafe in Warsaw 
2020 – exhibition with the Creative Group “Jak w korcu Maku” entitled “Jak w korcu maku” at the Warsaw Workshop 
2019 – Post pleinair exhibition of the Open Academy of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, exhibition catalog published by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 
2018 – Oil paintings exhibition entitled “Co mi się w duszy maluje” (exhibition jointly with my own student) at the Youth Cultural Center in Ząbki 
2016 – Exhibition of watercolors and oil paintings (group exhibition) at the Youth Cultural Center in Otwock 
2015 – Watercolors exhibition (group exhibition) at the Youth Cultural Center in Otwock 
2015 – Individual exhibition of watercolors at the Youth Cultural Center in Otwock 
2002 – exhibition of oil paintings by SGGW students at the House of Art in Warsaw