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Association of Visual Artists ZAP

Association of Visual Artists ZAP was established in 1990.
The basic idea of the ZAP existence is to support the development of creative possibilities and promotion of the Artists associated in the Association – primarily by co-organizing painting and interdisciplinary plein-airs, collective and individual exhibitions, participation in competitions, cultural events, and supporting interesting initiatives of its members.
The members of ZAP take part in the cultural life of their regions, cities and villages.
Many creators, members of ZAP also work for the elderly and the disabled.


ZAP's purpose is:

Representing and defending the professional and artistic interests of its members.

Exchange of artistic experiences between members

Promotion, development and inspiration of artistic activities related to various creative environments

Promotion of national culture and art in the country and abroad

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Conducting educational activities in the field of arts among children, adolescents, adults and seniors, groups of disabled people.

Conducting charity activities.

Conducting activities for the benefit of European integration and developing contacts and cooperation between societies in the field of culture and art for various social groups.

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