New Management Board OM ZAP

On January 29,2023, at the general meeting of the Association of Visual Artists ZAP Mazowsze Branch, a new board was elected, consisting of five members,for a five-year term:
1. Agnieszka Piotrowska (Chairman of the Mazowsze Branch )
2. Elżbieta Jóźwik ( Secretary)
3. Natalia Borowicz (Treasurer)
4. Anna Sobczak ( Exhibition coordinator)
5. Agnieszka Ewa Łęczycka ( Promotion and social media coordinator )

The term of office of the new Management Board will last until 2028.

ZAP helps Ukraine

The artists of ZAP donated their paintings to a charity auction for Ukraine.

take part in bidding here:

Zap pomaga – Niska cena na


The exhibition "Limitless nature", Brussels

💥You are cordially invited to Brussels for the exhibition “Limitless nature”.
The exhibition was organized by 16 artists, members of the Association of Visual Artists (ZAP), in cooperation with the ART VUE Foundation and under the patronage of the Association of Visual Artists.

The exhibition of works by 16 Polish artists aims at presenting and promoting Polish art in the international environment of Brussels. The motto refers to the notion of nature and the protection of natural environment which is particularly important for all of us. Under one common theme of tribute to nature the exhibition brings together almost 50 works by 16 artists However, the collection will be diverse – not only as for the form of artistic expression and artistic techniques, but also in terms of the different sensitivity, emotions and imagination with which which each of the artists approaches the subject. The audience will be able to see examples of oil and acrylic painting, silk painting, sculpture, photography and the latest digital painting techniques.

👉 Place: G3 Art Contemporary Gallery
Rue de la Madeleine 51, Brussels, Belgium

👉The vernissage will take place on Saturday, March 12, 2022, at 6:00 pm
Free entrance

👉The exhibition will run until March 27, 2022

Artists participating in the exhibition : Katarzyna Bukowska, Joanna Czaykowska, Agnieszka Czerwińska, Elżbieta Jóźwik, Gabriela Kozińska, Agnieszka Małocha, Małgorzata Nasiłowska, Joanna Pęgier, Bożena Ratyńska, Aleksandra Rowicka, Eliza Różowicz, Konrad Siuda, Edyta Skowrońska, Agnieszka Sumińska, Iwona Szymańska, Robert Toczewski

The exhibition "With passion", Warsaw

💥Elektrownia Powiśle and the Association of Visual Artists invite you to the exhibition “With passion”.
You are more than welcome !!!

👉The exhibition will be open 3-29 January 2022

👉The vernissage will take place on Tuesday, January 11 at 7.00 p.m. at the Elektrownia Powiśle level +2, room 211, Warsaw.
The event will feature live music.
Free entrance.

The Autor's Evening with Bożena Ratyńska

👉Yestarday the Autor’s Evening with Bożena Ratyńska, member of our Association took place in Elektrownia Powiśle.

Bożena shared with us her reflexions about art. We had the opportunity to admire her wonderful paintings and ceramics as well as feel the magic of her creation.

Individual exhibition of Joanna Pęgier

👉Individual exhibition of our member Joanna Pęgier in “Aquarium” Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw, October 2021. The exhibition presents abstract paintings from the “Parallel worlds” series.

The exhibition "Thoughts and Feelings", Warsaw

🖼 In the Multigenerational Education Center in Wilanów, Radosna street 11 there is an exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists (ZAP) entitled “Thoughts and Feelings”.
Welcome from Monday to Friday 9-20:00 until November 5.


The Autor's Evening with Iwona Żelazko

🖼️ The Autor’s Evening with our member Iwona Żelazko & her individual exhibition in Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw.
👉Iwona shared with us her attitude towards man and his “imperfections”. Also, we learned the secrets of her workshop and creation process. It was was a very inspiring meeting. Thank you!🙏

The exhibition "Here we are" in Warsaw

Vernissage of the exhibition “Here we are” in partnership with Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw 10.09.2021. Wonderful event with wonderful people. Thank you for being with us😍

Exhibition in Poznań "She and He"

We invite you to the exhibition of artists of the ZAP entitled “She and he”.

The following artists are participating in the exhibition: Agnieszka Piotrowska, Agnieszka Stefańska, Andrzej Stanisławski, Anna Sobczak, Eliza Różowicz, Elżbieta Ponińska, Ewa Buksalewicz-Moskal, Ewa Gbiorczyk, Ewa Stanisławska, Izabela Mroczkowska, Joanna Pęgier, Małgorzata Ircow-Sobieska, Małgorzata van Brenk, Małgorzata Nasiłowska, Maria Silska, Maria Szymańska, Joanna Czaykowska, Mirosław Rzeszowski, Piotr Goławski, Robert Toczewski

The  exhibition was opened on Saturday, 12 Juni 2021 at 12.00 at the “Polan Sto” Community Center, Polan 100 Housing Estate, Poznań

Photographer of the Year 2021

Robert Toczewski, a member of the Mazovian Division of the Polish Artists Union, apart from painting, is also an outstanding photographer and his photography won the 1st place in the competition for the Photographer of the Year 2021 by the Association of Polish Nature Photographers in the category “World in our hands”.

The "Butterfly Egg" Easter Workshop

9th April 2022 – the fourth Art Workshop co-organized by Elektrownia Powiśle and Oddział Mazowiecki ZAP took place at the Elektrownia building at Dobra 42 Street in Warsaw.
While primarily addressed to children, whole families participated in artistic work, underlining the most valuable aspect of our workshops – family integration and bonding. Participants created traditional Easter themed works: painted and decorated eggs, holiday cards, cut and folded paper animals. Additionally a special item has been prepared for and decorated by the participants, a huge “Butterfly Egg” – a symbol of life being reborn, priceless for it lasts for an extremely short time, just like the life of a butterfly.
For the duration of the holiday, the “Butterfly Egg” has been set up in the Room 115 on the Poziom +1 floor of the Elektrownia Powiśle in “Wodą Malowane” exhibition of the Związek Artystów Plastyków.

The exhibition "Water painted"

Elektrownia Powiśle and the Association of Visual Artists cordially invite you to the exhibition “Water painted”.
You will have the opportunitiy to see the works of 19 Artists of the Association of Visual Artists, made in the technique of watercolors and ink.

The exhibition will be open from February 28, 2022 to April 2, 2022.
Elektrownia Powiśle, level +1.

The vernissage will take place on Saturday, March 5.
Free entrance.
You’re welcome! 


International Watercolor Competition Art Connexion Mondiale

👉We are proud that our  friends Agnieszka Piotrowska  and Katarzyna Bukowska have been appreciated in an International Watercolor Competition Art Connexion Mondiale and their work will be part of the exhibition “ France and Poland” in April and May 2022 in France.



Individual exhibition of Agnieszka Piotrowska

👉🖼️ On November 21, the exhibition of our member, Agnieszka Piotrowska took place at the “Window” gallery of GOK Lesznowola.
You can admire her works on silk, watercolors paintings and beautiful scarves for a month yet. You are welcome!


Individual exhibition of Robert Toczewski

📣 Individual exhibition of Robert Toczewski in Aquarium, Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw. Congratulations! 🙂

The exhibition of the Mazovian Department of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers "Big Dreams in Small Spaces".

📣 We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the Association of Artists and Designers members, Mazowiecki Branch in the beautiful Gallery of the Cultural Center in Wołomin, Orwida Street 20, on Saturday, July 3 2021, at 4:00 p.m. The exhibition is open until August 3, 2021. See you there 🙂

At the exhibition, following artists will present their works:
Joanna Czaykowska, Jan Drewicz, Piotr Goławski, Iwona Jończyk, Elżbieta Jóźwik, Krzysztof Kozłowski, Stanisław Kurek, Teodora Kurek, Janusz Maśnik, Izabela Mroczkowska, Małgorzata Nasiłowska, Joanna Pęgier, Agnieszka Piotrowska, Elżbieta Rączka, Eliza Różowicz, Grażyna Sanojca, Anna Sobczak,  Agnieszka Stefańska, Iwona Szymańska, Robert Toczewski, Iwona Uliasz, Barbara Uszycka-Parać, Tadeusz Witek, Iwona Żelazko

7th International QuadroArt Biennale 2021

 June 11, the 7th International QuadroArt Biennale 2021 was opened in the beautiful building of the Łódź Philharmonic. The exhibition features works of two members of the Association of Artists and Designers.

👉Painting “In the whisper” from the series “In the whisper / Crescendo / Scream” by Joanna Pęgier and the painting “A Storm on Hel” from the series “Only impressions left” by Robert Toczewski. Congratulations! We invite you to the exhibition, which will be open until the end of June. 

Check out a photo report from the opening below.


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